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Use a Polaroid sticker frame for creative and customised designs

Use a Polaroid sticker frame for creative and customised designs

It is possible to shoot your own pictures and brand them immediately with custom instax film. But there is even a better option, choose for a polaroid sticker frame! With a custom instax film you print photos right on the spot. Just by pressing the shutter, the film will pop out and within a short time your picture will appear. This way of making pictures is perfect is you want to capture precious moments and keep them as prints. But there is even a better way of making pictures and this is with a polaroid sticker frame. These are branded instant photos but with a sticker frame to give them your own customised design, text or logo. With this you make your memories even more memorable or you just have a very powerful marketing tool in your hands.

Custom instax film is the easiest way to make memories

If you want to make memories that you capture in a picture, then custom instax film is the way to go. The best thing is to combine them with a great polaroid sticker frame. This way you can add anything that you wish to your photo. It is very easy to apply photoflyers to your instant photos. You just peel off the stickers frames special backing, place your photo inside the cuts and fold the sticker frame to seal. It can’t be easier than this. The photo frames will cover the front and back of the picture. You won’t lose the original dimensions by using a polaroid sticker frame. The photoflyers are created on patented adhesive paper. It is not possible to print direct the custom on your polaroid picture. The film is light sensitive, and you would damage it during printing and that would be a shame.

Creating amazing pictures with instant photos

Instant photos are maybe old school in your eyes, but nowadays they are very popular again. Creating your pictures right on the spot gives you unforgivable memories. Also, a great thing about instant pictures is that you can give them straight away as a present to friend, foes or strangers. Look at people´s face when they receive this small present from you, what else do you want than this amazing smile that enlightens their face?