A great way to increase your social media followers is through contests. But have you ever thought about giving away a prize that becomes a constant advertisement? A Polaroid sticker frame gives you the chance to create unique experiences for your customers while perpetuating your brand in everyone's mind. You will be able to purchase instant cameras with your brand logo. The winner(s) will receive a camera that they will use on a daily basis. However, by using a custom instax film with your brand logo, you turn the prize into an almost unlimited source of publicity. It's a very cost-effective and original way to generate followers. And the best part is that its uses are limited only by your creativity.

There are many ways to beat the competition

If you want your sales to increase, you need to stand out. It all depends on your imagination. For example, if you are up for something really crazy, you could create a challenge in your city. Use a Polaroid sticker frame to immortalize every time your customers visit your business and create a special wall to display it. Once they reach a specific amount of visits, they will receive a prize. It can be an instant camera with your branding. The important thing is that you use the custom instax film in a creative and varied way. Don't forget to accompany the prize you have chosen with all the photos on the wall. Your customers will be able to treasure them or share them with others, turning them into effective advertising media.

How to make the most of custom instax film?

Remember that for everything to work, you need to use attention-grabbing designs and colors. Your brand has to stand out. Don't just use your brand logo and color. In the Polaroid sticker frame you can let your imagination run wild. With a QR code you can store information, tips, tricks, clues for prizes and so on. What do you think about creating a set of collectible photos? Each type of business is unique. You will have to build an idea to use custom instax film in the most optimal way possible. If your idea is truly original, it will stick in the minds of your customers. If your idea doesn't transcend, you'll be just another business trying to succeed. Take your time to design everything correctly.

Create stylish giveaways using a Polaroid sticker frame